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Kylie Fitts, teammate of Heisman Trophy-winning QB Kyler Murray from Oklahoma who now plays for the Arizona Cardinals, says he never touched him once during practice this past season.

“Not once,” he said.

“I’d get in real trouble if I did.”

Teams protect their QBs to keep them from getting hurt.

Fitts, of course, is under no restrictions in hitting rival QBs, such as Jared Goff or Jimmy Garappolo or Russell Wilson from his outside linebacker spot.

Upcoming in these pages: A piece on Fitts, the former Redlands East Valley star, will be published soon.

* * *

I was checking the Redlands Community News website back on Dec. 23 — two days before Christmas, incidentally — and the most popular story was that 14 people were arrested in a prostitution sting.

In Ontario, for crying out loud. I’ll refrain from making any lewd cracks, like if anyone was arrested from among your flock of friends and associates. Is that what readers are looking for in your top reads?

I’m knocking myself out running down local basketball trends, athletes committing to major colleges, NFL connections and major college football insight, plus an array of otherwise athletic brilliance on the local front, not to mention a bunch of other locally based stories.

And you’re reading about a prostitution sting in Ontario?

* * *

From Joe Jurado, head football coach at highly successful Rim of the World High School: “Coach the kids in your school’s district. If you don’t like those kids, go somewhere else. If you have to recruit, how good a coach are you? Recruiting shouldn’t be a part of the high school atmosphere. Win with your kids! Coaches, end this recruiting garbage!”

The Fighting Scots are three-time CIF champions, multiple playoff entrants and are in the unenviable position of being far enough away from civilization in their mountain digs where they won’t get a lot of recruits.

* * *

We’re looking at a new head track coach at Redlands East Valley. Outgoing coach Perry Davis isn’t happy, but he’s apparently under siege by his employers on some charges that he’s vehemently denying.

He’s served as security at REV for years. There’s been a shakeup in security staffing on that campus.

The dude wants to coach, but there’s a lot to this story. He’d like to invite the public to his hearing, which is open to the public. We’re hearing that a nice glut of supporters are building up on his behalf.

When you think of REV track, you think of speedsters Billy and Emerald Bowen, state 1500-meter champion Elias Opsahl, not to mention current stars like Matt Casillas. Plus, there’ve been vast relay and field events champions throughout the years.

“I think I’ve made my mark there,” he said. “I want people to know that I’ve been a positive influence on that campus.”

Track has been a highly successful sport at REV. Davis has been a key figure.

* * *

Apropos of nothing: Standing in the balcony at Studio Movie Grill on Dec. 27, I watched five straight couples enter the theater with the male member holding the door for himself first.

Unless I’m being politically overcorrect, my sense is still that the male members hold the door for their female guests. I stopped looking when, finally, a man opened the door for three female movie-goers.

The problem in writing this is that in my readership, the offenders won’t see this rant. My readers are way too classy.

* * *

Nice piece by Wayne R. Scott on four-time Emmy Award winner Sue Ann Staake (Jan. 3), a retired CBS employee for years with ties to the likes of legendary David Brinkley and Bob Schaefer. She was the first-ever female director for “Face The Nation.”

I would’ve loved to know if Sue Ann rubbed shoulders with legendary CBS sportscasters like Pat Summerall or Al McGuire or Ken Ventur or any of the CBS sports crew.

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